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Long Day Care Centre Hervey Bay – Beach Road Childcare Services

Toddler: 15mths - 2.5yrs - Up to 10 children
Senior Toddlers - 2.5yrs - 3yrs - Up to 8 children
Junior Kindy - 3yrs - 4yrs -Up to 24 children
Kindergarten - 4yrs – 5yrs - Up to 25 children
School Age 6yrs – 12yrs Up to 12 children

Beach Road Child Care Centre is a Long Day Care Centre

Our centre is licensed for a maximum of 66 children per day aged from 15mths up to and including 12yrs of age. We cater for Child Care Benefit (CCB). CCB is deducted weekly from your fees.

We offer different methods of payments for fees;

• Direct debit
• Centre pay
• Direct Deposit
• Cash

Other Services We Provide

We encourage parents and carers to come and join in as much as possible. Parents and carers have an opportunity to get involved in fund raising events, suggestions, help and ideas. We also provide some resource nights for both staff and parents and carers throughout the year, such as First Aid Course, some workshops include- Nutrition Australia, Queensland Health, Sunsmart Australia to name a few.

We like to invite the community into the centre providing a variety of shows, and Talks, along with special days to celebrate and fun days (Please check our event calendar)

Food Foundations (Nutrition Australia QLD Program)

We encourage healthy eating and only the best nutrition for all children. We're a member of the Food Foundations organisation through Queensland Health. As we don’t provide meals we do however encourage healthy meals and snacks while in care.

Beach Road Childcare are A Sunsmart Centre

We are a “Sunsmart” centre which means we take sun protection seriously. We encourage legionnaires hat or broad rimmed hats to be worn whenever children are outside.

Meet our qualified and experienced team

The criteria used to select team members focuses on their formal educational qualifications, experience in child care, confidence, maturity, ability to relate to small children, enthusiasm, interactive skills and also to possess a supportive and caring nature.


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